What are the loan products you are offering currently?
Currently, we are engaging with several lenders to offer:
    - Short Term Loans for working capital needs
    - Medium Term Loans for various business needs
We usually are offering unsecured business loans for such products through our partners.

What is the loan amount range I can expect from you?

Our expected loan amount range shall be around 2 Lakhs to 25 Lakhs initially, though we are working on broadening this range. This also depends on the lenders who affiliate with us.

Do you fund startups ?
Typically startups are being better served by angel investors and venture capital firms today. If you are one of startup owners, and have at least a year’s history with stable revenues, we shall be happy to consider your case. Also, we may suggest a few angels or VCs to suit your case – we love helping our fellow entrepreneurs.

Do you provide prepayment options to your borrowers?

Yes, we do encourage pre-payment options for our borrowers through our lenders – though the exact terms and some surcharges are dependent on the terms and conditions set at the onset of loan sanction.

How do you check loan eligibility?

We leverage technology and digital to the fullest – use  a variety of traditional and modern new age indicators – financial as well as non-financial, subjective as well as objective inputs, to check the loan eligibility, mostly on online channels.  Our constant endeavor shall be to educate our lenders and borrowers about the best means possible to identify and promote a worthy loan application.

How will the funds be disbursed to me?

The funded loan amount will be directly deposited to your marked bank account electronically. We believe in creating a transaction world where all is digital.

I have more questions, perhaps unique to my situation!
We would love to answer more. Can you connect through our contact numbers or shooting a mail to, and we shall get back in touch with you as soon as possible.